30+ Animators Reanimate Pokemon Opener

Over 30 animators recently teamed up to remake a classic cartoon title sequence. I believe it was produced with a mix of Flash and Toon Boom, and the result is a cornicopia of styles, all paying tribute to the second-most successful video game franchise in the world. It follows suit from Star Wars Uncut and (Sailor) Moon Animate Make-Up! – here’s Pokemon ReAnimated:

Lynia Archibald http://funandfancytoons.blogspot.com
Brian Blanchard http://briandblanchard.wix.com/portfolio
Kendal Brouet http://kendalbrouet.blogspot.ca
Alex Brown http://alexcharliebrown.blogspot.ca
Taylor Cochrane http://tayloranncochrane.wix.com/tayloranncochrane
Jonathan Coit http://jonathancoit.blogspot.com
Dougall Dawson http://dougalldawson.blogspot.ca
Adam Fitzgerald http://electricartist.blogspot.ca
Sam Flores http://animatesam.blogspot.ca
Simon Harchun http://shbomb.tumblr.com
Megan Hayes http://meganhayesanimation.blogspot.ca
Danielle Klassen http://klassenpd.blogspot.ca
Becky Loerts http://loertsrl.blogspot.ca
Spencer Moreland http://spenmore.tumblr.com
Noelle Nagy http://mybadhusky.tumblr.com
Patrick Paradis http://pmaestro.tumblr.com
Eric Rochon http://ericrochondesign.com
Miranda Rogovein http://miranimate.com
Noel Ruppenthal http://octachorondigital.com
Shawna Schwenzer http://noartificialfruitjuice.tumblr.com
Lucia Tjhin http://friedikins.tumblr.com
Brad Weaver http://brad-weaver.com
Ian Yoxon http://ianyoxon.com

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