Jaltoid Tackles The Struggle of Anxiety

Jaltoid, aka Dalton Joyce along with ObliviousEmi, aka Emi Kuc, have released a new animated short about something most of deal with in one way or another – social anxiety. Something as simple as getting the toppings for a sandwich ordered properly can pose a problem…


  1. Just an fyi, Jaltoid is Dalton AND Emi, ObliviousEmi is Emi’s old unused account.

  2. Who’s ObliviousEmi? I thought Jaltoid was emi and dalton??? im confused, i checked their tumblr faq and I cant find that account listed anywhere? Who is it?

  3. Liandra1999 February 4, 2015

    wait emi is not jalyoid?? i thought she and dalton ran the account. so is dalton like hiring her to help or somthing????

  4. Imconfuse2988 February 4, 2015

    ObliviousEmi????? Who the heck is that even? The twitter account you tagged doesn’t even exist. I didn’t know she was separate from Jaltoid.

  5. twilight February 4, 2015

    ObliviousEmi? what are you even talking about? She’s doesn’t have her own account. That twitter account that you tagged doesn’t even exist. Where did you get that username from?

  6. Author

    Got the ‘ObliviousEmi’ handle from this…. http://theinterviewer.newgrounds.com/news/post/842027

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