February, 2015

RageNineteen Harvests Captain Apple Tale

Jamie Spicer-Lewis (RageNineteen) has unveiled a powerful new superhero who will surely go down as the most revered hero with …

‘Check Out’ the Latest Pencilmation Short

Choosing the right checkout lane at the supermarket is an artform. Someone flashes a checkbook – steer clear. Someone turns …


CoreAnimator – Flash-like Tool for iOS Apps

A new software has been launched, offering much of the functionality of Flash, and including the ability to export code …


A Valentine Kiss For Katniss

Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez have crafted a loving Valentine’s Day short pledging their devotion to characters like Katniss, Loki, …


Results From LoopdeLoop Face Off

The December/January LoopdeLoop challenge was about ‘faces’ and here’s 3 of the stand-out submissions: Sam Jones