Results From LoopdeLoop Face Off

The December/January LoopdeLoop challenge was about ‘faces’ and here’s 3 of the stand-out submissions: Sam Jones

Jelly Makes it Snow for 10 Second Animation Contest

Here’s Jelly’s brief Flash-animated submission for Bristol-based Show me the Animation’s ‘DoItInTen’ 10 Second competition. It’s more frozen than Frozen:


LoopdeLoop Continues To Instigate Hallucinations

October’s Hallucinations theme continues to deliver some eye-popping results over at LoopdeLoop. Here’s a Flash-animated submission from Thomas Knowler, who …


Huettner’s Animated Hallucination

Charles Huettner is currently the highest rated artist in the September/October competition over at loopdeloop. The latest theme is hallucinations, …


2013 Tournament of Flash Artists Announced

The 2013 TOFA event (Tournament of Flash Artists) has officially kicked off. Hosted by, TOFA typically challenges artists to …