Music Video

Reyes Animates Brain-Chomping Beats For Klaypex

Danny Reyes, aka oryozema, recently animated a zombified music video for Klaypex, titled Brains!

Petting the Cat is a Groove Cruise

A thumping, high-energy track and a cute, scratch-able cat. Don’t need much more than that. Proof by the animator who …


Savlonic Goes Spelunking To Celebrate First Album

Savlonic’s first full length album is out, and so is the first animated music video off the album, titled Spelunker. …


Mackenzie Puts Aucoin Video to Sleep

Joel Mackenzie directed this new music video for Rich Aucoin, the Canadian indie rock musician. Mackenzie also wrote and produced …


The Closer Tosses Out Baseball Metaphors

The Closer is a new music video that’s based on actual events that happened to the singer/songwriter Mike Edel. The …