Music Video

Cohen Cranks Out Computer People

Zach Cohen just finished directing a new music video for Chipocrite, aka Pennsylvania’s Paul Weinstein. The track is titled Little …

Lightening Strikes Goldie Blox New Music Video

Goldie Blox, the toy company with the goal to “get girls building,” has released their first music video. It’s titled …


Joe Cartoon Invites Bill Plympton To His Shack

Joe Shields, aka Joe Cartoon, is a legit internet legend. His shorts and interactive cartoons were viewed hundreds of millions …


Gagne Gives Form to Costinescu’s Synesthesia

Michel Gagne (The Saga of Rex) has been touring the festival circuit for the past year with Synesthesia. Its an …


Reyes Animates Brain-Chomping Beats For Klaypex

Danny Reyes, aka oryozema, recently animated a zombified music video for Klaypex, titled Brains!